What are Sylius/Sylius-Standard and Sylius/Sylius projects?

Installation guide leads to Sylius/Sylius-Standard and http://demo.sylius.org/ shows Sylius/Sylius-Standard.

So what is Sylius/Sylius?

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Sylius Standard uses all the components as add ins (through composer). This means you'll build your app using the sylius components you want.

Sylius adds all the components to the src directory so you can modify the components yourself if you want to. It's a prebuilt app with the Sylius components already in there.

That's what i think anyway. I've been using the Sylius project for the last 6 weeks and it's been incredible. Was a steep learning curve as i was unfamiliar with symfony.

  • This is incorrect, the answer below by @Daniel Šádek is the correct answer. The GitHub repository for Sylius Standard is tagged as a template. The composer.json for Sylius Standard reports sylius/sylius as a dependency.
    – Joyce Babu
    Sep 13, 2020 at 18:23

Sylius/Sylius - is Sylius CORE

Sylius/Sylius-Standard - is what you need for starting new project

Sylius/SyliusDemo - is prod example of Sylius DEMO

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