I am trying to get a MySQL backup from the AWS RDS automated. I figured using AWS Command Line would be beneficial and I could use crontab on EC2 Red Hat to automate the trigger of the event.

Now the problem: How can I connect to the RDS, backup the MySQL, place it on EC2 or make a copy to S3 and let it run each night.

I am new to the AWS Command Line. Please be free to drop of suggestions and code snippets.


  • On EC2 instance make a cron.sh file and put below content.

    mysqldump -h RDS_ENPOINT -u MASTER_USER_DATABASE -p DATABASE_NAME > /backup/bkp.$(date +%Y%m%d).sql

  • Create Other file move_to_s3.sh and put below content

        echo "starting upload to s3 ..."
        TODAY=$(date +%Y%m%d);
        month=$(date +"%m");
        year=$(date +"%Y");
        dateValue=`date -R`
        signature=`echo -en ${stringToSign} | openssl sha1 -hmac ${s3Secret} -binary | base64`;
        RESPONSE=$(curl -w "%{http_code}" -s -X PUT -T "${filepath}" \
                -H "Host: ${bucket}.s3.amazonaws.com" \
                -H "Date: ${dateValue}" \
                -H "Content-Type: ${contentType}" \
                -H "Authorization: AWS ${s3Key}:${signature}" \
                https://${bucket}.s3.amazonaws.com/${file} -o /dev/null $1);
        echo $RESPONSE;
        if [ $RESPONSE -ne 200 ] ; then
            echo "There was an issue in transfering DB dbbackup file to S3. Noticed Error Code: $RESPONSE" | mail -s "Issue on transfer to S3" test@gmail.com;
            rm $filepath;
        echo "finished upload."`

Set both in cron in half hour distance!

Hope it helps :)


you can make backups directly from EC2 using mysqldump.

  1. Edit Security Group of your RDS instance, Inbound rules:

    Type: Mysql/Aurora

    Protocol: TCP

    Port Range: 3306

    Source: Custom EC2_SECURITY_GROUP_ID

    Example (Source: Custom sg_451caa43)

  2. Connect to EC2 instance with SSH:

    [MacBook-Pro: user]$ ssh -i keypair.pem ec2-user@PUBLIC_IP

  3. In EC2 instance install mysql-client:

    [ec2-user@ip-170-10-20-30]$ sudo yum install mysql

  4. Try mysqldump command

[ec2-user@ip-170-10-20-30]$ mysqldump -h RDS_ENPOINT -u MASTER_USER_DATABASE -p DATABASE_NAME > backup.sql

[ec2-user@ip-170-10-20-30]$ mysqldump -h db_test.cdsludsd.us-west-2.rds.amazonaws.com -u admin -p my_database > backup_my_database.sql
  1. Create cron job.
  • Will this be fast enough? I have around 100GB of data on a single Database and i have around 5 Databases like this how long do you think will this take ? – Krish May 3 '18 at 18:26

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