Is there a PHP equivalent of Java's Character.getNumericValue(char c)?


Use the intval() function.

This will not handle letters or roman numerals the same way, but you could create your own method to do that for those cases. It will handle standard digits, though.

if (intval("2") === 2)
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    intval is indeed interesting. Using base 36 should make it handle letters as well. – casablanca Oct 14 '10 at 18:38


Edit: Oops, that's not what getNumericValue does. I guess the answer is no then. You'll have to make up a table of your own that maps numeric characters to numbers.

If you want a function that works with the most common numeric characters, you could do something like this, but it would fail for special Unicode numerals:

function getNumericValue($ch) {
  if (ctype_digit($ch))
    return ord($ch) - ord('0');
  if (ctype_upper($ch))
    return ord($ch) - ord('A') + 10;
  if (ctype_lower($ch))
    return ord($ch) - ord('a') + 10;
  return -1;

No. There are no baked in equivalents.


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