Has anybody had any issues with the Woocommerce - shipping multiple addresses plugin? (https://woocommerce.com/products/shipping-multiple-addresses/) I have a few bugs that I need resolving to complete the project and wondered if anybody had the same issues as I have?

List of bugs:

  1. When you first go to the checkout page the shipping methods are hidden. If I don't want to ship to another address and have set my address in the billing and shipping fields I can place an order without any shipping methods. The default shipping methods should only be hidden when multiple addresses are selected as in most cases customers will want to ship all products to the same address.

  2. When I click to set another address but change my mind and don't change the addresses, click the save addresses and continue button the ajax on the address blocks just loads over and over again on the checkout page and gets stuck.

  3. When I set another address but then change them back to all being the same address the shipping methods on the checkout page inside the address block cannot be changed and gets stuck on the same shipping option.

  4. When I go to the add address form - checkout/shipping-addresses/?address-form=1 It seems you cannot delete an address. When you click delete it just hides it and when you go back in it re-appears on the page again.

If anybody has experienced any of these issues and has a solution to them I would be extremely grateful for your help!



  • Please report these problems to Woothemes. That's a premium product and the above should be covered under their support policy. – helgatheviking Sep 7 '16 at 17:56
  • Thanks @helgatheviking - The bugs have been reported and they are being looked into but I wondered if anybody maybe had a fix for these issues as I don't have the time to wait around for the plugin to be fixed. cheers – jackloader Sep 8 '16 at 8:20

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