I have a mobile (Ionic 2) chat application with the following implementation, that uses nodejs-0.10 and MongoDB 3.2.7 and Meteor It works perfectly on my localhost.

Now I need to deploy it to an OpenShift server. I have followed the following steps and created a server on OpenShift with Meteor. It is connecting with Git, and I can push my code to the server.

I am pretty sure the Meteor server is running on OpenShift, because I saw something to that effect on the startup logs (via ssh). However, I am not sure how to connect to the Meteor server to test it.

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The domain is nodejs-easyjobs.rhcloud.com ( on the OpenShift server, I can ping this successfully.

I am using Ionic 2 to build the mobile app. I am currently just running on Android, but plan to add iOS and Windows.

I am following this tutorial, and it runs on localhost. However, I am not sure where this is configured. I guess localhost is default, and you need to change it to a different host if needs be.

If I check my OpenShift server (nodejs-easyjobs.rhcloud.com) via ssh, I can see that the contents of the Meteor bundle directory is on the server. So Git is pushing the code.

The part I don't understand is:

  • Do I need to configure Meteor differently for being on the OpenShift Server? Or do I just leave it as is?
  • Where do I configure the client (Ionic 2) to point to the OpenShift server?


My question is, how do I configure my mobile app (Ionic 2) to connect to the OpenShift Meteor Server?


My dir structure:


The contents of the .../ionic-apps/nodejs is cloned on the OpenShift server with Git.

I followed this tutorial to deploy the Meteor bundle to OpenShift. `

So I used the following to build my Meteor app:

> cd .../ionic-aps/myIonicApp/
> meteor build .../ionic-apps/nodejs --directory --server-only

As far as I can see, I may be wrong, but the Meteor Server is all correct and running on OpenShift. I need to know how I can get my Ionic2 app to access it.

  • Step1: Find the access point to the Meteor server using the OpenShift IP. i.e. nodejs-easyjobs.rhcloud.com (
  • Step2: Configure my Ionic2 client to use this.


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