I am trying to redirect the shell of the android emulator to a unix domain socket at boot time.

Unfortunately, the redirection commands I figured out from https://developer.android.com/studio/run/emulator-commandline.html are not working for me.


With the command

emulator -avd "AVD_for_Nexus_4" -no-window -show-kernel -verbose -no-boot-anim -qemu ...

therefore with "-show-kernel" included I get a shell on stdin.


If I try to redirect the shell with the command:

emulator -avd "AVD_for_Nexus_4" -no-window -shell-serial unix:/tmp/avd1.sock,server -verbose -no-boot-anim -qemu ...

and access the unix domain socket via nc -U /tmp/avd1.sock I neither get a shell nor the kernel log.

-show-kernel and -shell-serial

With -show-kernel and -shell-serial I can at least access the kernel logs on the socket:

emulator -avd "AVD_for_Nexus_4" -no-window -show-kernel -shell-serial unix:/tmp/avd1.sock,server -verbose -no-boot-anim -qemu ...

shell-serial stdio

Interestingly, with

emulator -avd "AVD_for_Nexus_4" -no-window -shell-serial stdio -verbose -no-boot-anim -qemu ...

there is no shell at all.

Now I want to have both the kernel logs and the shell on the unix domain socket.

Thanks for your help!

  • Any ideas? Or is there a better place to ask this question? – user2221323 Sep 11 '16 at 8:57

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