If I try to rename files in a directory, for some reason I get an error. I think the problem may be that I have not inserted the directory in the proper format ?

Additional info: python 2 & linux machine

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Though it prints the directories content just fine. What am I doing wrong?

import os

for i in os.listdir("/home/fanna/Videos/strange"):
    #print str(i)
    os.rename(i, i[:-17])

os.rename() is expecting the full path to the file you want to rename. os.listdir only returns the filenames in the directory. Try this

import os
baseDir = "/home/fanna/Videos/strange/"
for i in os.listdir( baseDir ):
    os.rename( baseDir + i, baseDir + i[:-17] )
  • This solved my problem!! did not realise it did not include the path as well! – Fanna1119 Sep 10 '16 at 19:43
  • Glad it worked out. I've edited the answer to be more explicit on what os.listdir returns. And remember, you can accept the answer that worked best for you with the green checkmark to the left. – CDspace Sep 10 '16 at 23:27

Suppose there is a file /home/fanna/Videos/strange/name_of_some_video_file.avi, and you're running the script from /home/fanna.

i is name_of_some_video_file.avi (the name of the file, not including the full path to it). So when you run

os.rename(i, i[:-17])

you're saying

os.rename("name_of_some_video_file.avi", "name_of_some_video_file.avi"[:-17])

Python has no idea that these files came from /home/fanna/Videos/strange. It resolves them against the currrent working directory, so it's looking for /home/fanna/name_of_some_video_file.avi.


I'm a little late but the reason it happens is that os.listdir only lists the items inside that directory, but the working directory remains the location where the python script is located.

So to fix the issue add:


just before the for loop where your_directory_here is the directory you used for os.listdir.

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