I'm using Rack middleware that accepts some configuration that I need to change at run time. So I need the instance of its class that's currently in memory. Is there a way to do obtain it?


I would follow an other way instead.

If you are using Rails 3, you can write the Rack middleware so that it accesses the shared application configuration available at Rails::Application.config. Otherwise, no matter which is your Rails version, you can use a configuration library (such as the simple_config gem) and keep the current configuration value in memory so that the Middleware can access it.

Last but not least, remember that Rack has a Rack::Config middleware that you can adapt to your needs.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. In this case I'm on Rails 2.3. Seems like I'd need to fork the middleware gem to use Rack::Config. – marko Oct 15 '10 at 8:55

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