I have brew installed rabbitmq on my mac and have tried the following

rabbitmq-server start

sbin/service rabbitmq-server start

and neither work.How do I start it?

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You should be able to run /usr/local/sbin/rabbitmq-server or use brew services start rabbitmq

  • That worked. I saw this no where in the docs. How'd you know this?
    – losee
    Sep 8, 2016 at 18:24
  • @losee, You can use brew services start[stop/restart/list] for run RabbitMQ service in the background (or mysql, redis...). Homebrew installs packages in /usr/local/Cellar/ and then symlinks their files into /usr/local/
    – Majid
    Sep 8, 2016 at 18:43

Here are a few commands to get you started. Just open your cli and type from anywhere

brew services start rabbitmq     //start 
brew services stop  rabbitmq     //stop

brew services restart rabbitmq   //restart 

You can also list all the running services by

brew services list

Alternative way -

Go to the directory where rabbitMQ is installed and run following commands

cd rabbitmq_server-3.5.3/      //check you's version 
sbin/rabbitmq-server           //start server 

sbin/rabbitmqctl shutdown      //stop server 


USL: http://localhost:15672/

Login try this

username: guest
password: guest

Try with brew services start rabbitmq in terminal after that go to

localhost:15672 enter username and password which is


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