I am using gitlab. There is a pre-receive hook in gitlab-shell to check user permission of git push.

The pre-receive hook is written in ruby, and use to read the standard input of git, and will log it a file.

<old-value> <new-value> <ref-name>

In my development environment, the log looks like this:

sha-1  sha-2  ref/heads/master
sha-2  sha-3  ref/heads/master
sha-3  sha-4  ref/heads/master

When push to same branch, the old-value of this push is equal to the new-value of last push, accoring to the doc of git-hooks, this is reasonable.


But in our production environment, something strange happen. The strange log looks like this:

[line 1 - MR1] sha-1  sha-2  ref/heads/master
[line 2 - MR2] sha-2  sha-3  ref/heads/master
[line 3 - MR3] sha-3  sha-4  ref/heads/master
[line 4 - MR4] sha-1(wrong!)  sha-5  ref/heads/master

Line 1 to line 4 were four merge operations on the gitlab web UI, and they were all successful merged according to the database record(I have check the merge_requests table and events table).

The problem is the old-value of MR4 become the old-value of MR1!

The result is the commit of MR1, MR2, MR3 were all gone, just disappeared.


The only way I know can make the remote commit disappear is force push, but the master branch is protected (Gitlab can set protected_branch).

Anyway I try force push to a branch and the log looks like this:

sha-1  sha-2  ref/heads/master
sha-2  sha-3  ref/heads/master [force push]
sha-3  sha-4  ref/heads/master [force push]

The log is same as normal push.

Is this a bug of git? or gitlab? or rugged(gitlab use rugged to operate git repo)? or a normal git operate(How?)?

  • How about git reset sha-1 --hard;git push origin -f master? – ElpieKay Sep 9 '16 at 8:36
  • I have try this, and also rebase -i, commit --amend – Sanster Sep 14 '16 at 1:09

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