Can you set which template to use when loading content via an application proxy in shopify?

I can set which layout file to use by using;

{% layout 'theme.app_proxy' %}

But trying to set the template has no effect;

{% assign template = 'app_proxy' %}


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Not as far as I know.

However you can return liquid as your app proxy response and Shopify will process it as though it was part of the theme.

If you are trying to override a standard template you'll have to write a file to the theme and update the things (e.g products/blogs/pages) to use the custom template.


It is working in my tests. Perhaps it has been corrected since this question was asked.

Make sure you set the liquid header in your proxy response:

'Content-Type: application/liquid'

Then in your response body, you can assign a template name:

{% assign template = 'app_proxy' %}

And it will be used throughout your theme. For example if your layout file uses the template name to output a class in the body:

<body class="{{ template }}">

This will now display:

<body class="app_proxy">

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