I have a Razor files (.cshtml) that contains only Html helpers objects, like this:

Html.OverviewHeader(property: "state", width: "78px", cssClass: "public light-grey"), 
Html.OverviewHeader("Title", "title", "", "light-grey"), 
Html.OverviewHeader("Name", "name", "", "light-grey"))

       Html.OverviewBodyText("title"), Html.OverviewBodyText("name"))

when I try to apply some formating style to the code, all Htmlhelpers will wrap to a single line

 @Html.BeginTableHeader(Html.OverviewHeader(property: "state", width:"78px",cssClass: "public light-grey"), Html.OverviewHeader("Title", "title", "", "light-grey"), Html.OverviewHeader("Name", "name", "", "light-grey"))

how can I avoid this? in Resharper as I undrestood formatting features for Razor files just adjust IN the editors, this change is happend when I define some formating style for C#.

  • Got the same with methods chain. Did you happen to find out a solution? – Artyom Jan 17 '17 at 13:07

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