I would like to get Akka actor tracing metrics in a Java application. I enabled tracing in my application.conf but I get no tracing metrics. This topic is way underdocumented. The Kamon documentation says:

"Please note that even while understanding how to manipulate a TraceContext is very important, some Kamon modules such as our Akka, Scala, Spray and Play! modules already provide bytecode instrumentation that automatically creates, propagates and finishes traces and segments in specific conditions, so, you might not need to ever manipulate a TraceContext yourself."

From this I understand that all I have to do is to enable tracing in the configuration file and I should get tracing metrics.
I tried to create a trace context in Java code and called finish() on it and I get trace metrics.

I send data through several actors and I would also be interested in getting some information (for example total processing time; identification of data based on some kind of tagging) when a concrete piece of data arrives to the last actor. I wonder if this can be done from configuration.

Thank you!

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For Akka what you get out of the box is automatic trace context propagation (the TraceContext is available in any actor receiving a message sent within a TraceContext) but you need to start the context yourself. You get automatic tracing for higher level modules like spray where kamon knows your "entry point" for your application. See: http://kamon.io/integrations/akka/overview/

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