Blackfire gives me "Are you authorized to profile this page? Probe not found or invalid signature." on my WAMP install!

I followed all the steps correctly and installed everything in the right places.

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Things to keep in mind while setting up Blackfire on WAMP:

  • Make sure Xdebug and other debugging extensions are disabled in the php.ini file.
  • Client ID and Client Key are different from Server ID and Server Key - see that you are not pasting them in the wrong places.
  • Set up a log directory to make sure you get to know about errors. Example: blackfire.log_file = /path/to/logs/blackfire.log
  • Make sure the blackfire-agent.exe is running while you try to profile the site running on your localhost - this is what I was missing. You can run it with the command blackfire-agent in the command prompt.

Hope it helps! Happy coding!

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    +2! Thanks for the point 4! After several tries and abandoning the blackfire, I feel so non-clever right now. :)
    – userfuser
    Feb 12, 2018 at 23:07

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