I'm working on Xcode 8 beta 5. While running app on iPhone SE simulator I'm getting an error that The operation couldn't be completed. (Mach error - 308 - (pic/mig) server died).

Screenshot 1

I tried clean build, restart Xcode but didn't worked.

Any fix?

  • Xcode 8 GM is out. Do not use an outdated beta any more.
    – rmaddy
    Sep 10, 2016 at 16:20

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This happened to me on Xcode 8 GM as well. The issue was the Simulator presenting a spinner endlessly, independently of the model chosen (6, 6S, 7, SE). When it eventually times out I get the message mentioned, and get it as well when I force quit the Simulator. What solved it for me: I was running Xcode 8 GM from my /Downloads folder, so I archived and moved Xcode 7 away from /Applications, and replaced it by Xcode 8 GM. Voilà.

What failed: - project clean + clean build folder - Simulator "reset contents and settings" though that never hurts.

Hope it helps someone.

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