Trying to used managed accounts for payouts. Basically a user is charged and the money is sent to the managed account instead of the platform account. I am using "sharing customers" I am using the code at the bottom of this link https://stripe.com/docs/connect/shared-customers. After retrieving the token I try to do a single charge I get an error saying "Card information not found", but I am passing the cardId when creating the token

Error: message: "Could not find payment information"

 { customer: request.params.customerId, card: request.params.cardId },
 { stripe_account: 'acct_xyz' }, // id of the connected account
  function(err, token) {

amount: 1000, // amount in cents
currency: "usd",
source: token,
description: "Example charge",
application_fee: 123 // amount in cents
function(err, charge) {

Does this work for you? The key differences here are

  1. I'm including { stripe_account: 'acct_xyz' } on the stripe.charges.create request as well as this needs to happen on the connected account itself if using Shared Customers. https://stripe.com/docs/connect/payments-fees#charging-directly

  2. Instead of token as source I'm using only the id attribute of the token object (e.g. tok_xxxyyyzzz).


// id of connected account you want to create customer on, charge
var connectedAccountId = "acct_16MNx0I5dd9AuSl3";

// id of customer and card you want to create a token from

var platformCustomerId = "cus_8vEdBa4rQTGond";
var platformCustomerCardId = "card_18dOAcFwTuOiiF4uwtDe2Nip";

var stripe = require("stripe")(

    // create a token using a customer and card on the Platform account
      {customer: platformCustomerId, card: platformCustomerCardId },
      {stripe_account: connectedAccountId},
      function(err, token) {
        if (err)
          throw (err);

              amount: 4444,
              currency: "usd",
              source: token.id,
              description: "Charge on a connected account",
              application_fee: 1111
            {stripe_account: connectedAccountId},
            function(err, charge) {
              if (err)
                throw (err);

Alternatively, as you said you're using Managed Accounts, you might want to consider charging through the Platform, which allows you to avoid the Shared Customers flow altogether, see here for a sample, https://stripe.com/docs/connect/payments-fees#charging-through-the-platform

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    The id is what did it for me. Thanks mate :) – Rachael Dawn May 14 '17 at 15:52

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