I need to open, edit, and debug an ASP.NET Core project in VS Code on a mac. The project was created in Visual Vtudio 2015 on a PC.

I'm having trouble. I get the error

No task runner configured

and it brings me to launch.json.

It sounds like a gulp thing and I'm not sure what I'd need gulp for... nor do I know what to do with launch.json, having come from visual studio 2015. Shouldn't it just launch in Kestral and go?

For some reason all the S/O questions and tutorials I've found through search are about creating a .Net Core project in VS Code and maybe opening it in Visual Studio... Not what I need. Other way around. Project created on PC in Visual Studio then open and fully develop on mac in VS Code.

Maybe my search query is wrong. Surely this isn't a new problem. Or, maybe I'm just doing something stupid.

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When you click Launch. Then you select dot net core on launch json option. It would create a launch.json like this:


Then you need to edit the path to your built dll file. And click run again. Follow the guide to create a task.json to build the project. Then when you click run again it will run.

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