First part to my question is, if I have a CSV file with 4 numbers on one line separated by a comma, how do I ignore the first two values using openCSV?

Now, consider the following array:

int[][] parsedData = new int [10][10];

and the following line from a CSV file:

54, 68, 5, 1

assuming the former is possible (ignoring the first two values on a line in a CSV file), how do I then parse the value '5' into parsedData[0][0] and parse the value '1' into parsedData[0][1]?

I can't find anything in the openCSV documentation that would explain how to do this, nor can I wrap my head around even doing it if there weren't a CSV file to read beforehand.


You cannot do that within opencsv. You can ignore entire lines with the skiplines (which is normally used when the data has an header) but not part of a line. You will have to do that yourself programmatically.

Take a look at the java System.arraycopy method. I found an article on stack overflow with a good example.

Hope that helps.


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