I am using OpenBD and trying to check whether bucket exists or not on my S3 server, if it is not exist then, to create new bucket. Here's my code:


<cfset request.awsaccess = "zzzzawsaccesszzzz">
<cfset request.awskey = "zzzzzzzzawskeyzzzzzzzz">
<cfset request.datasource="tcs">
<cfset request.region="us-west-2">
    AmazonRegisterdatasource(datasource=request.datasource,awsaccess=request.awsaccess,awskey=request.awskey,region=request.region );
    result = AmazonS3listbuckets( datasource=request.datasource );

For the above code I am getting this output:

Result of above code

Now I am adding one more function AmazonS3createbucket(),

    result = AmazonS3createbucket( datasource=request.datasource, bucket="anyBucket" );

For the above script I am getting error: that No such function exists - amazons3createbucket.. Here's the screenshot:

Result of AmazonS3bucketexists

I am referring the OpenBD Manual to filter these function. Also faced the same problem while using this functions also:

    result = AmazonS3bucketexists( datasource=request.datasource, bucket="anyBucket" );

Have you tried using an alternate syntax?

    result = AmazonS3bucketexists(ArgumentCollection = {
        datasource : request.datasource, 
        bucket : "anyBucket" 
  • Hey @Mishra - any insight into the downvote? – user2540711yo Oct 9 '16 at 5:16
  • Not me, I don't wanna waste my one reputation for down voting without comment. And yes, I tried this way also. No luck. – Mishra Shreyanshu Oct 12 '16 at 19:22

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