After converting currencies, I get a float that would look something like 2.68.

Tried rounding up with ceil($input / 10) * 10 but that doesn't work for floats.

So is there a simpler way for rounding floats to the nearest tenth? I'd like to get 2.70.

The more complicated way for me to do this would be to explode the float at the . then round 68 with ceil. And then combine them.

But what If the number is 2.96. It will need to be 3.00 rounded, so this makes it really complicated.

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    What about using round($input,1)? – Mark Baker Sep 11 '16 at 11:43
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You simply got the math wrong, it should be multipled-then-divided, not the other way around:

ceil($input * 10) / 10

But that only rounds up. Rounding in each direction works with round...

round($input * 10) / 10

But wait, round has a second param, just for this! :)

round($input, 1) // round with precision of 1 digits after the decimal point

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