To learn Rust, I'm looking at things like the HackerRank 30 days challenge, Project Euler, and other programming contests. My first obstacle is to read multiple integers from a single line of stdin.

In C++ I can conveniently say:

cin >> n >> m;

How do I do this idiomatically in Rust?


The best way, as far as I know, is just to split the input line and then map those to integers, like this:

use std::io;

let mut line = String::new();
io::stdin().read_line(&mut line).expect("Failed to read line");

let inputs: Vec<u32> = line.split(" ")
    .map(|x| x.parse().expect("Not an integer!"))

// inputs is a Vec<u32> of the inputs.

Be aware that this will panic! if the input is invalid; you should instead handle the result values properly if you wish to avoid this.


You can use the scan-rules crate (docs), which makes this kind of scanning easy (and has features to make it powerful too).

The following example code uses scan-rules version 0.1.3 (file can be ran directly with cargo-script).

The example program accepts two integers separated by whitespace, on the same line.

// cargo-deps: scan-rules="^0.1"

extern crate scan_rules;

fn main() {
    let result = try_readln! {
        (let n: u32, let m: u32) => (n, m)
    match result {
        Ok((n, m)) => println!("I read n={}, m={}", n, m),
        Err(e) => println!("Failed to parse input: {}", e),

Test runs:

4  5
I read n=4, m=5

5 a
Failed to parse input: scan error: syntax error: expected integer, at offset: 2

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