This is the code I found on a course

 create type employee_type AS OBJECT
    ( empno number(4),
    ename varchar2(40),
    dept_ref REF department_type)
    create table employee of employee_type
    ( empno PRIMARY KEY )
    create type department_type AS OBJECT
    ( deptno number(2),
    dname varchar2(20),
    loc varchar(20))
    create table employee of employee_type
    ( empno PRIMARY KEY )
    create table department of department_type
    ( deptno PRIMARY KEY )
    alter table employee
    add (scope for (dept_ref) is department)

I don't understand why we need to alter employee table to add scope for to department table, I mean dept_ref has been referred to department_type already and department table is consisted of department_type object, what is the add scope statment do?


As described in the documentation, the purpose is to say that dept_ref in employee has to refer, specifically, to a department, and not to any other table that may be of department_type type.

See REF Columns: Examples:

The dept column can store references to objects of dept_t stored in any table. If you would like to restrict the references to point only to objects stored in the departments table, then you could do so by adding a scope constraint on the dept column as follows ...

(People, apparently, love drawing examples from the domain of employees and departments)

  • Unless the example comes from homework, in which case it's always COURSES and STUDENTS :) – APC Sep 12 '16 at 11:03

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