We have (figuratively speaking) a ton of Provisioning Profiles (PPs) because of a large number of non- production environments in addition to a widget, a watch app and a tv app. Given that we do not have a good PP naming convention, is there a way to find a correct PP's name knowing the target name or the bundle identifier? When there's a trouble with a PP during XCode build, I basically want to copy something to clipboard and be able to Command-F the Developer Portal PP page to find the culprit provisioning profile.

PS. We are changing our PP naming convention going forward but meanwhile we still have to manage PPs that already exist.

  • Do you need to have explicit bundle IDs / provisioning profiles? If it's all for one company, and there are no security resons to have individual bundle IDs / profiles, you could use a wildcard app ID and a single provisioning profile. That would make management a lot easier. – wottle Sep 13 '16 at 23:14

There's a tab in the Developer Portal, under Identifiers, called App Id's. It's a list of all bundle id's and their respective names.

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