I'm new in sql server and want to save select query into the csv file using with bcp query out for that purpose write this query:

declare @cmd as nchar(50)
SET @cmd = 'bcp  select *from [behzad].[dbo].[behzad] queryout "d:\spt_values.dat" -U behbeh -P beh1368421 ' 
EXEC master..XP_CMDSHELL @cmd  

but i get this output:
enter image description here
How can i solve this problem?thanks.

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As you are using queryout your source must be a query.

As a query has got blanks, you have to quote it:

Further more your @cmd nchar(50) is to short and will probably truncate your command.

Try this:

declare @cmd as nchar(500)
SET @cmd = 'bcp  "select * from [behzad].[dbo].[behzad]" queryout "d:\spt_values.dat" -U behbeh -P beh1368421 ' 
EXEC master..XP_CMDSHELL @cmd  

With a SELECT * FROM ... query it was easier actually, to use the 3-part-qualified table name together with out instead of a SELECT ... with queryout...

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