I have 2 parameters @ProductID and @Customer. @ProductID and has Product1_ID has customer Say Cust1 and Product2_ID has same Customer Cust1.

When cascaded using MDX in SSRS report to select all available values for Customer for each ProductID's it shows two values in the cascaded drop down list for Cust1 but selects only the first Cust1 (which points to Product1_ID).

Is there a way in which I can get the report to select all values even when two ID's have same Customers in MDX.

I set available values and default values using dataset which has ProductID, Customer filterd on ProductID)


Found something similar to this


Looks like there is no direct way to handle the situation. Please let me know in case anyone has any other workaround or solution


Found a workaround to resolve this issue.


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