Is it possible to open a file from a remote host with Kate like you can with vim:
vim scp://root@cc3//var/log/dp.log?
I've tried the following but neither option seems to work:
kate scp://root@cc3//var/log/dp.log & and kate fish://root@cc3//var/log/dp.log &

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    Try using sftp:// (not sure about using it as command line argument, but it should work fine in "Open" dialogue). If it is still fails, you will need to install kio_sftp plugin (and kio itself) – myaut Sep 13 '16 at 17:28
  • @myaut that was it, using sftp:// from the shell works fine. Move this comment into an answer and I will accept! – cerr Sep 13 '16 at 18:31

By design, Kate interacts with user by dialogs, while you can also start editing a file in kate from command line with:

kate /file/to/open

Please do note that if you are not inside the kde/plasme desktop enviroment, kate may not be able to handle external files.

In this case, you can mount a remote filesystem with sshfs.


sshfs -p PORT_NUMBER USERNAME@SERVER:/path/to/remote/filesystem /mnt/remote_filesystem

Once done, you'll be able to:

kate /mnt/remote_filesystem/file_to_edit_with_kate

I know its old but I found solution best for me.

I use kubuntu so I have Dolphin and Kate.

In Dolphin I add Network => connection to my ssh

in Kate I installed plugin File system Browser.

Just open kate and paste path from dolphin in filesystem browser and safe like a project. So I have a tree of subdirectories of my project.

Something like this


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