I am trying to create an action in Launch Center Pro. It should launch Skype, and call the number in the clipboard. The built in wizard gives this:


That opens Skype, which then asks me if I want to call a URL encoded version of the number I copied: "%2b1%20%2555%29%20555-5555" (instead of "+1 (555) 555 5555")

How do I urlDECODE this?

I have tried:

(this is using the built in wizard for they system clipboard actions. It opens Skype and does nothing)




But none work. What is the correct formatting for this request?

Unfortunately, that's Skype failing to decode the incoming URL, not an issue with Launch Center Pro. When passing a URL to Skype apps have to encode that URL (you can't have spaces, parentheses, etc in a valid URL), and Skype should attempt to decode that URL before placing a phone call. Best bet would be to report this to Skype

  • Thank you, that's also what LCP's support says. My workaround is to use TextTool to strip out non-numerical characters before passing to Skype. – user4918278 Sep 16 '16 at 3:15
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For anyone else researching this, I solved it by using another app, TextTool, to strip out non-numerical characters before then passing that to Skype. The final result that worked and still works was:


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