What's the best implementation for mobile view right now in Rails 5?

I've Googled options but most of them are from 2012, such as "A Better Way To Add Mobile Pages to a Rails Site". Are they still the way to go?


So what I did was I just used responsible tables and Bootstrap with a fluid container, so it just stretches and compresses itself to the device view without me doing much. That way I don't have to implement two view pages for mobile and desktop.

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One option would be to use Rails Variants

Use a before_action to conditionally set request.variant to something that will identify the mobile view such as:

request.variant = :mobile if request.user_agent =~ /iPhone/

With that set, you can then respond to that specific format in your controller action:

def show
  # ...
  respond_to do |format|

This will render the show.html+mobile.erb if the request.variant is set to :mobile and will render show.html.erb for other HTML requests.

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