Generally: How do I join an array of stings such that the last delimiter is different than the others?

Specifically: How does the iOS Messages app construct the default name of a group conversation, which is a list of contacts' names?


class User {
    var name: String

    init(name: String) {
        self.name = name

let users = [
    User(name: "Matthew"),
    User(name: "Mark"),
    User(name: "Luke"),
    User(name: "John")

users.list(" & ") { $0.name } // => "Matthew, Mark, Luke & John"


Ruby (on Rails)


C# (Linq)


Using the class defined in the question you could do something like this:

let names = users.map { $0.name }
let suffix = names.suffix(2)
let joined = (names.dropLast(suffix.count) + [suffix.joinWithSeparator(" & ")]).joinWithSeparator(", ")

print(joined)   // prints Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

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