I usually use Sublime text editor and gnome terminal to edit and run my programs. Due to educational purposes, I am using the IDE Dr. Racket.

I could not find an autocomplete feature to use while typing. I checked this out on google and at Dr. Racket's menu.

For instance, if I am calling a function already defined I would like to accelerate the process of typing the functions name. I have tried using control + /, but it does not work as an autocomplete for variables and procedures already defined.


@Sylwester, look, I tried that with a previous defined function, named square. It did not work:enter image description here

  • As I mentioned in my answer that I don't know which dictionary it uses and it certainly doesn't pick up on user created procedures like you square even after RUN/Syntax check. – Sylwester Sep 15 '16 at 21:39

Image of list of matched

Linux and Windows

CTRL + /.


Command + /

The last "key" might not be a button on its own and if that's so it needs to be the combination to make a /. eg. on my norwegian keyboard its CTRL + SHIFT + 7 since SHIFT + 7 makes a /.

I have no idea where it gets it's matches from since I see it finds fold even when it is not called that in #lang racket. It does not seem to catch user procedures either.

This answer is based on information from a racket mailing list entry from 2011. It's not documented in DrRacket shotcuts page so it might not be officially supported.

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