I need to implement a solution for a client SharePoint Office 365 site. I know you can do things with 3 parts solutions or Jquery but I'm trying to keep it OOTB as possible. Here is a simplistic view of the scenario.

There is a list called Parent. It has one field Title.
There is a second list called Child. It has one field Title and another Parent Parent is the type Lookup and points to the Title field of the Parent list.

The SharePoint form is for the Parent List so the main connection points there.

I simply want to create a data connection to the child list and have the Edit / View pages populate that a listbox with the ID(Value) and Title(Display) from the corresponding match in the Parent list.

I've tried several ways but I lack the experience to probably describe what I've tried (Using Rules and the lists.asmx as well as a retrieve data connection to child and filtering it upon load).

Thank you in advance, I really need to get this implemented.


As per your query, I understand you want to open the form on the click of the list item with the view & edit. for that you have to create the rules with the proper actions like if I click on the parent A then form open but after the form open we have to fetch the ID & title again by the create the connection who dynamically operate as per the call of action.if you need more details please mention comment on this / If I understand wrong the please brief your problem with the example.


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