So I need to find nearest neighbors of a given row in pyspark DF using euclidean distance or anything. the data that I have 20+ columns, more than thousand rows and all the values are numbers.

I am trying to oversample some data in pyspark, as mllib doesn't have inbuilt support for it, i decided to create it myself using smote.

my approach till now has been to convert all the categorical distance into index using stringtoindex so that i can find the euclidean distance and neighbors and hence perform smote.

I am fairly new to spark and ml. Any help would be appreciated.


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Not tried but Ive found this script: https://github.com/jakac/spark-python-knn/blob/master/python/gaussalgo/knn/knn.py

If your data are dataframe, you should first merge your column into a vector with vectorASsembler https://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/ml-features.html#vectorassembler, then use df.select("id", "yourColumnVector")

The library I provided seems to work only with rdd, so you should convert your dataframe to RDD using df.rdd

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