I am working on tabbing through the whole web page using the keyboard(tab key, shift+tab key) and everything is working fine and smooth. Also when i keep pressing the tab key, the focus cycles through all the elements(address bar, elements, back to address bar and so on).

Now in some cases, i have an modal and an transparent overlay on top of my content. Now when this happens, when i use tab key, i move from the left menu to the overlay and from the last focusible element on the overlay, i have to force the focus to the body element(or the address bar). So Basically when there is an overlay, i want to ignore the element below the overlay from tabbing. Is there any way i can achieve it cleanly?

I was thinking of setting tabindex=-1 for all elements under the overlay but any other better approach would be the most welcome


  • I like accessibility questions! There should be more of them on stackoverflow. – Persijn Sep 15 '16 at 16:39

This is an oldish question, but I just ran into this issue today, so I thought I'd share my solution.

As long as you know the tab order of items in your overlay, you can just add a blur event listener on the final item and use it to move the focus back to the first item in your overlay:

lastElementInOverlay.addEventListener('blur', function() { firstElementInOverlay.focus(); });

It strikes me that this would be easier than changing the tabIndex of all the elements under the overlay (and then having to change them back when the overlay is gone.


I was thinking of setting tabindex=-1 for all elements under the overlay but any other better approach would be the most welcome

This is what i usually do when fixing the tabbing of elements.

There is one other solution i can think of: Setting the overlay tab-element lower then that of the rest. Eg:

<div menu>
    <a tabindex="10">
    <a tabindex="11">
    <a tabindex="12">
[...other code with tabindex > 10]
<div overlay>
    <a tabindex="1">
    <a tabindex="2">
    <a tabindex="3">

The downside of this will be that after you have tabbed trough the overlay you will go to the menu again.

  • This will not work for me because after the overlay, i want the focus to go to the <body> element, then to the address bar, then again <body> and then to the first focusible element(left menu icon). – aneeshere Sep 16 '16 at 6:15
  • @aneeshere surly you can sett the tabbable order to fit that need and creating a gap in the order where there can or can not be a overlay. Why would you ever focus an entire <body> element? and on top of that twice? – Persijn Sep 17 '16 at 8:56
  • I did not mean to say that i will focus on the body. Its actually something the browser does. And it changes from browser to browser. Anyway i fixed this by setting the tabindex to -1 for the underlying focusable elements and it worked fine. – aneeshere Sep 26 '16 at 6:54

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