I have taken it upon myself to learn python. As it is my second language is has not been that hard to get the hang of. I am looking for some simple python projects to undertake so I can better learn the syntax of the language in general. I would specifically like to learn the syntax of arrays, lists, and dictionaries.

Edit: I cant say that one of your answers are right or wrong but between all of you i have alot of material! Thanks everyone :D

ps I particularly liked Google's Python Class

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Google's Python class has a bunch of projects you can work on.


The Python Challenge has been by far the coolest exploratory stuff I've done with Python.

Take your time working through the problems - it's worth it.


Python Koans is a good interactive tutorial that covers basic syntax and advanced concepts.


A usual response to such things is Project Euler. Not necessarily special to python, but all those problems are solveable with python, and by working on them, you especially learn a lot of things that make Python special.

  • awesome site thanks for the tip :) – LeoR Sep 16 '12 at 16:40

You can try pyschools.com There are many small exercises categorized into different topics. Quite a fun way to learn how to program.


Steve Lott's Building Skills In Python is great. He's prominent on this site, too.


I would highly recommend the following e-book for learning Python. It covers several different programming paradigms and is a very good introduction to Python in general.


If you are already familiar with programming in general then Dive into Python is an unbeatable resource for getting the foundation of the language fast.

I have read both of the above and found them to be very helpful.


Also something similar to Project Euler is Rosalind


Most of the problems are solved by writing programs that perform opetarions on strings, which makes it a goot tool to learn about lists and dictionaries. And you also learn something about bioinformatics which doesn't really help you much in your programming career but is really cool =D


Sorry to state the obvious, but why not read a good book or two, like:

Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming

If you like more of a learn as you go approach, there's always the venerable:

Python Cookbook


Also in line with the Project Euler answer already provided, I'd recommend looking into some Code Kata. I generally go through these as part of learning any new language, and here's a link to several good ones:


Also a Stack Overflow question discussing Kata:



Python challenge is cool. And I see another good http://projecteuler.net

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