Is there a way to incorporate React's curly brace notation and an href tag? Say we have the following value in the state:


and the following HTML attributes on a tag:


Is there a way I can add the id state to the HTML attribute to get something like this:

href={"#demo + {this.state.id}"}

Which will yield:


You're almost correct, just misplaced a few quotes. Wrapping the whole thing in regular quotes will literally give you the string #demo + {this.state.id} - you need to indicate which are variables and which are string literals. Since anything inside {} is an inline JSX expression, you can do:

href={"#demo" + this.state.id}

This will use the string literal #demo and concatenate it to the value of this.state.id. This can then be applied to all strings. Consider this:

var text = "world";

And this:

{"Hello " + text + " Andrew"}

This will yield:

Hello world Andrew 

You can also use ES6 string interpolation/template literals with ` (backticks) and ${expr} (interpolated expression), which is closer to what you seem to be trying to do:


This will basically substitute the value of this.state.id, concatenating it to #demo. It is equivalent to doing: "#demo" + this.state.id.

  • Implementing the first, eslint suggested implementing your second, use string literal templates. eslint.org/docs/rules/prefer-template
    – w00ngy
    Sep 10 '19 at 13:22
  • @w00ngy Yes, you should. ES2015 (which introduced templates) was just starting to get widespread adoption. Nowadays, template literals are the go to.
    – Andrew Li
    Sep 10 '19 at 14:42

the best way to concat props/variables:

var sample = "test";    
var result = `this is just a ${sample}`;    
//this is just a test

If u want to do it in JSX

<button className={`tab__btn first ${props.state}`} >

you can simply do this..

 <img src={"http://img.example.com/test/" + this.props.url +"/1.jpg"}/>

for Concatenating variables and strings in React with map , for exmple :

{listOfCategories.map((Categories, key) => { return ( <a href={`#${Categories.designation}`} className="cat-link" key={key}> </div> </a> ); })}

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