I am trying to get a PDF generated by abcPDF from html output to print the first three pages in portrait and then switch the fourth page to landscape.

I have been able to get the html to switch into landscape for the fourth page by applying this class to a div that is the 4th page:

.PageLandscape {
    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(Rotation=3);

When abcPDF converts the html to pdf though, the 4th page is still portait.

Any thoughts or hints?



Not sure if you've found the answer, but here's how I did it. Found it from ABCpdf docs:


I think you can apply the transformation per page. But because you set rotation on the document as a whole (when you save) not sure you can do it on a per page basis.


ABCpdf seems to sometimes ignore style-classes. Maybe you could you try an inline style-element?

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