I'm using a interface interceptor to cache all methods that starts with "Get" but i can't figure out how to generate a unique cache key for every unknown parameter it can be anything and using GetHashCode is not an option as i can't be 100% sure that they have overridden the GetHashCode.

some thoughts was someting in the line of How can I create a unique hashcode for a JObject?

where JSON is used for a JObject i was thinking on JSON serialize every parameter then get the hash code like explained in the link above:

var obj = JToken.Parse(jsonString);
var comparer = new JTokenEqualityComparer();
var hashCode = comparer.GetHashCode(obj);

However i think this will be a performence hit so how can this be solved ?

The code i have so far is this but it wont handle the complex type situation where .ToString won't generate the raw value type like int, string etc.

private string CreateCacheKey(IInvocation invocation)
    string className = invocation.TargetType.FullName;
    string methodName = invocation.Method.Name;

    var builder = new StringBuilder(100);

    for (int i = 0; i < invocation.Arguments.Length; i++)
        var argument = invocation.Arguments[i];
        var argumentValue = invocation.GetArgumentValue(i);

        if (argument != argumentValue)

    return string.Format("{0}-{1}", this.provider.CacheKey, builder);

I ended up using GetHashCode as it is the only viable solution if thay dont override the method it will not cache.

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