I've installed aws-sdk into Meteor + Angular2 app as below:

meteor npm install aws-sdk --save

I'm trying to using AWS as below:

import AWS from  'aws-sdk';

but it says "Cannot find module 'aws-sdk'." I'm trying to follow the instructions from this link: http://www.angular-meteor.com/tutorials/socially/angular2/3rd-party-libraries

I might be doing something silly, but still could not figure it out. Thanks for your time.

Update: Tried this: https://guide.meteor.com/using-npm-packages.html

Module '"node_modules/moment/moment"' has no default export.

Any help is appreciated.



Adding this package to your Meteor application adds AWS object into the global scope, which you can then use according to the documentation.

So using AWS global variable.

That works even though the meteor consoles gives some warnings.

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