Simple jest test just to check if the react component can render and it fails because I import

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor'

the full error is...

 PASS  imports/__partials/Navigation/__tests__/Navigation.jest.js
 PASS  imports/__layouts/AuthLayout/__tests__/AuthLayout.jest.js
 FAIL  imports/features/oAuth/ui/LoginLayout/__tests__/LoginLayout.jest.js
  ● Test suite failed to run

    Cannot find module 'meteor/meteor' from 'index.js'

      at Resolver.resolveModule (node_modules/jest-resolve/build/index.js:142:17)
      at Object.<anonymous> (imports/features/oAuth/ui/LoginLayout/index.js:2:41)
      at Object.<anonymous> (imports/features/oAuth/ui/LoginLayout/__tests__/LoginLayout.jest.js:4:40)

 PASS  imports/staticTests/quickCheckboxTest/__tests__/CheckboxWithLabel.jest.js
 PASS  imports/staticTests/quickLinkTest/__tests__/Link.react.jest.js

I'm going to assume its because meteor doesn't build and therefore meteor/meteor doesn't exist, any help in getting this to work will be appreciated. :)


I was right in my assumption, it's basically because meteor hasn't built the npm modules.

  • Okay so I seem to be right, to solve this issue I think I would need to write a driver package for jasmine and run jest when meteor is running... I'm gonna use mocha instead :( – Jake Lacey Sep 17 '16 at 17:11

You can easily stub Meteor modules using the "moduleNameMapper" in your jest config file:

"moduleNameMapper": {
  "^meteor/(.*)": "<rootDir>/meteorMocks.js"

And in meteorMocks.js:

export const Meteor = {
  call: () => null,
  // ... more stuff you'd like to mock on the Meteor object

Then you can do

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';

in your test files.

Just do the same with all modules you need to mock (like Tracker or ReactiveVar).

  • Dude this is old question BUT I like your answer and going to test is ASAP then approve! – Jake Lacey Apr 11 '17 at 21:02
  • Cheers man :) I came across the same problem and found this. Thought I'd share my solution. – chmanie Apr 12 '17 at 0:38
  • 1
    Here is a blog post by meteor Real-World Unit Tests with Meteor and Jest explains how to use jest for testing. It is referring back to this answer ;-) – Michael_Scharf Mar 4 '18 at 21:59

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