There are two floders named "Release-iphoneos" and "Release-iphonesimulator",and I use these commands to create common framework,but is still have some error "file was built for x86_64 which is not the architecture being linked (i386)"

lipo -create "Release-iphoneos/Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt" "Release-iphonesimulator/Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt" -output "Fxencrypt"

cp -R Release-iphoneos/Fxencrypt.framework ./Fxencrypt.framwork

mv Fxencrypt ./Fxencrypt.framwork/Fxencrypt

lipo -info are these

lipo -info Release-iphoneos/Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt Architectures in the fat file: Release-iphoneos/Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt are: armv7 arm64

lipo -info Release-iphonesimulator/Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt Architectures in the fat file: Release-iphonesimulator/Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt are: i386 x86_64

lipo -info Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt Architectures in the fat file: Fxencrypt.framework/Fxencrypt are: armv7 i386 x86_64 arm64

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