When I run a project in Android Studio using the emulator I get the following error in the debug window:

/home/me/Android/Sdk/tools/emulator -netdelay none -netspeed full -avd Nexus_6P_API_24

WARNING: The Mesa software renderer is deprecated. Use Swiftshader (-gpu swiftshader) for software rendering.

The emulator works fine as far as I can tell. It is only a warning but I thought I would try to fix it. The most helpful things I could find were

However, they didn't tell me how to fix it. I'm using GLES 2.0 software rendering on the Ununtu Linux version of Android Studio and the Emulator. I checked the advanced settings in the AVD configuration but I didn't see any obvious changes to make.


I changed a file in this path under windows:


changed property hw.gpu.mode value from mesa to swiftshader and the warning is gone.

Don't know if theres a global property where all new AVD will take it from.

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    On Linux the file was in /home/<user_name>/.android/avd/<avd_name>.avd/config.ini. Making the edit to swiftshader took away the error message that I mentioned in my question. However, I started getting another error "GL error while resizing" so I ended up switching back to mesa. This is a different problem probably, though, so I am marking this answer as accepted. – Suragch Sep 28 '16 at 15:47
  • I'm using windows, but I had the same issue "GL error while resizing".Back to mesa. – Flávio Leal Dec 21 '16 at 18:42

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