It's my first post, so please be forgiving for my english.

I have an issue with Image Carousel VC component. I need to set up something like logotypes slider (5 logos in a row) and when i set it up to display 5 from 6 images there is a gap on the end (like 4 empty spaces).

My seting:

6 images added, Slides per view: 5, Slider loop: yes

Goal is to set up carouse to be looped, without any empty spaces between images.

There is also a responsive issue. When i resize browser window images losing their ratio (width is scaling percentage and height is fixed).

Can anyone help me deal with that?

  • Responsive issue: width is %, height is fixed? That should distort the images. Width % and height: auto styles you the image so it is responsive to width changes, without aspect ratio changes. – muka.gergely Sep 19 '16 at 12:30
  • 3
    This should fix your issue. Make sure to add vc_custominfiniteloop as the extra class name humbertosilva.com/visual-composer-infinite-image-carousel – Anna Wellington Dec 24 '17 at 21:10

Porting Humberto Silva's post into a Stack Overflow answer, it seems there's no built-in way to do this, but there's a workaround in JavaScript.

First, add an extra class vc_custominfiniteloop to the carousel element.

visual composer carousel infinite loop

Then, add this JavaScript code after jQuery and Visual Composer javascript has been loaded:

Turn Visual Composer Image Carousel into Visual Composer Infinite Image Carousel
Include before the </head> tag on yout theme's header.php 
Read the detailed step-by-step at https://humbertosilva.com/visual-composer-infinite-image-carousel/

// auxiliary code to create triggers for the add and remove class for later use
    var oldmethod = $.fn[methodname];
    $.fn[methodname] = function(){
          oldmethod.apply( this, arguments );
          return this;

// main function for the infinite loop
function vc_custominfiniteloop_init(vc_cil_element_id){

  var vc_element = '#' + vc_cil_element_id; // because we're using this more than once let's create a variable for it
  window.maxItens = jQuery(vc_element).data('per-view'); // max visible items defined
  window.addedItens = 0; // auxiliary counter for added itens to the end 

  // go to slides and duplicate them to the end to fill space
    // we only need to duplicate the first visible images
    if (window.addedItens < window.maxItens) {
      if (window.addedItens == 0 ) {
        // the fisrt added slide will need a trigger so we know it ended and make it "restart" without animation
      } else {

  // add the trigger so we know when to "restart" the animation without the user knowing about it
  jQuery('.vc_custominfiniteloop_restart').bind('addClasschange', null, function(){

    // navigate to the carousel element , I know, its ugly ...
    var vc_carousel = jQuery(this).parent().parent().parent().parent();

    // first we temporarily change the animation speed to zero
    jQuery(vc_carousel).data('vc.carousel').transition_speed = 0;

    // make the slider go to the first slide without animation and because the fist set of images shown
    // are the same that are being shown now the slider is now "restarted" without that being visible 

    // allow the carousel to go to the first image and restore the original speed 


// restore original speed setting of vc_carousel
function vc_cil_restore_transition_speed(element_id){
// after inspecting the original source code the value of 600 is defined there so we put back the original here
jQuery('#' + element_id).data('vc.carousel').transition_speed = 600; 

// init     
  // find all vc_carousel with the defined class and turn them into infine loop
    // allow time for the slider to be built on the page
    // because the slider is "long" we can wait a bit before adding images and events needed  
    var vc_cil_element = jQuery(this).prop("id");

If you're having trouble, try enqueuing it with PHP_INT_MAX and depending on jQuery, example:

function enqueue_my_scripts()
    // This example expects you to create a file with the JavaScript above in wp-content/themes/yourtheme/assets/js/infinite_visualcomposer_carousel.js
    wp_enqueue_script('infinite-vs-carousel',  get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . 'assets/js/infinite_visualcomposer_carousel.js', array('jquery'), filemtime(get_stylesheet_directory() . '/assets/js/infinite_visualcomposer_carousel.js'), true);
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_my_scripts', PHP_INT_MAX);

All credits to Humberto Silva, I'm just porting this answer here to save the solution in case the blog goes offline.

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  • Found this very useful. However, in the enqueue scripts function, the first reference to your assets/js/infinite_visualcomposer_carousel.js file is missing a forward slash – commbot Oct 5 at 2:36

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