We have a polymer element written in dart (version 1.0.0-rc.18). The <list-outer> element uses the Templatizer behavior to iterate an object list.

        <paper-input value="{{row.name}}"></paper-input>

The dart part:

class ListOuter extends PolymerElement with Templatizer {

  List<Object> datax = [
    {"name": "xxx", "age": 2},
    {"name": "yyy", "age": 3}

  ListOuter.created() : super.created() ;

  void ready() {   
    Element template = Polymer.dom(this).querySelector('template');


    datax.forEach((row) {
      TemplateInstance instance = this.stamp({});


      instance.set('row', row);

If I try to edit the data in the inner <paper-input> we always get the exception below. Maybe we are missing something, but don't know what.

**Uncaught TypeError: dataHost._templatized._notifyPath is not a function**
Polymer.Templatizer._notifyPathUpImpl @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:11533Polymer.Base._addFeature._notifyPath @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:8009Polymer.Base._addFeature.set @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:8108(anonymous function) @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:7118Polymer.Base._addFeature._notifyListener @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:7885(anonymous function) @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:7151Polymer.Base._addFeature.fire @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:6627Polymer.Bind._modelApi._notifyChange @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:6904Polymer.Base.extend._notifyEffect @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:7185Polymer.Bind._modelApi._effectEffects @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:6962Polymer.Bind._modelApi._propertySetter @ index.html
_ijt=afoakvu673o0o9qkl500u98qfp:6937setter @ index.html


  • Tried the same in my environment. It runs ok through the loop with no exception. On the other hand no output is produced in the dom. Googled on how this should work, but with very sparse result. Do you have suggestions where to find more info? Sep 19, 2016 at 17:52
  • Now I got the valid output and reproduced the exception in Dartium. Tried to wrap the array data with JsProxy like this class PersonData extends JsProxy still same error. Building with dart2js and the things works ok in Chrome with no exception. Seems like something missing in the dart wrapper for running in Dartium. Tried with a String instead of a structured type and worked ok in Dartium. Sep 23, 2016 at 7:38
  • Digged more, with dart2js build an exception is thrown, but swallown by Chrome and updates the value in the browser ok. The exception in Chrome is similar to that in Dartium Sep 23, 2016 at 10:52

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Seems as a variant of a known bug in js Polymer.


For the research, see comments.

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