I'm using Blur-admin template but I can not figure out why when I update angular variable it is not updating inside ba-panel. for example:

<div class="widgets">

<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-12">

  <div ba-panel ba-panel-title="Editable Cells" ba-panel-class="with-scroll">
    <div include-with-scope="app/pages/FoodMenu/foodTable.html"></div>

foodTableData is not getting updated in the interface

I'm using this code to update the variable:

   $scope.$apply(function(){$scope.foodTableData = mdata;});   
 console.log("foodData ", $scope.foodTableData);

And the log is showing the data just fine, but the interface is not getting updated.


Issue could be related to scope nesting. try using dot access to variable inside templates and controllers like

$rootScope.obj.foodTableData = [{title: '123'}];

easiest way to protect agains these errors - controllerAs syntax


In my case, I was using the widget "ba-panel" in div: <div ba-panel> {{myScope}} </div>.

But I do not know why the Blur-admin can not read the {{myScope}} inside do "ba-panel", when loaded later by a $http, for example.

So, I had to remove the "ba-panel".

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