QMediaPlayer calculates wrong duration with variable bitrate mp3. Yes, I know a similar topic was already opened, but is pretty old (2012). In addition, both VLC and Clementine, using Qt, for the same mp3 files can calculate the exact duration. So, I do not think it's a Qt bug.

I take the mp3 duration in this way:

void MainWindow::playerOnMediaStatusChanged(QMediaPlayer::MediaStatus status) {
    if (status == QMediaPlayer::BufferedMedia) {
        qint64 duration = player->duration(); //wrong 

Can you help me?

  • On which platform? (I.e. with which qtmultimedia backend) it will need fixing in Qt and/or the underlying backend library, so best is to file a Qt bug – Frank Osterfeld Sep 19 '16 at 19:58
  • Qt 5.7, Windows 7 and DirectShow as backend – Salvo Matteini Sep 19 '16 at 20:55

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