I have a project to complete and I am stuck at a point. Could we upload files from our server into S3 automatically at a certain time interval?

For example: A part of the data should be uploaded and from then, for every one hour, the next set of data should get uploaded.


Follow this steps;

  1. Create a script file for example name it script.sh.
  2. Add this to the script.sh file and save the file

    aws s3 cp /local-folder-path/  s3://bucket-name`
  3. Install AWS CLI

  4. Create a IAM user that has access to that S3 bucket and add his AWS Key and Key secret to AWS Configure Link

  5. Set up a cron job for 1 hour. And you are done those files will be copied to S3 bucket each hour.

    0 */1 * * * /path-to-script-file/script.sh`
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  • if the file is in a docker container and run on Fargate, how to upload it to S3? – Cecilia Apr 13 '20 at 17:08

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