I have ( or am trying to make ) this query in Laravel

The problem I have is with the $orThose
I want to query LIKE.

The data in that field can be many things, but there will always be a key work like "L3" or "ICU" in the field.

Can you do a LIKE query in this case

$matchThese = ['link.hos_id' => $hos_id, 'outcome.otc_otrdischargedate' => $td];
$orThose = ['outcome.otc_outcome' => '@ICU@', 'outcome.otc_outcome' => '@I.C.U@'];

$todaysReferrals = DB::table('link')
->join('daily_link', 'link.lnk_id', '=', 'daily_link.dlk_lnkid')
->join('demographic', 'link.lnk_dmgid', '=', 'demographic.dmg_id')
->join('admission', 'link.lnk_admid', '=', 'admission.adm_id')
->join('or_call', 'admission.adm_calid', '=', 'or_call.cal_id')
->join('admission_score', 'admission.adm_scoreid', '=', 'admission_score.ascore_id')
->join('diagnosis', 'link.lnk_dgnid', '=', 'diagnosis.dgn_id')
->join('outcome', 'link.lnk_otcid', '=', 'outcome.otc_id')

Use like and not like with % in where() and orWhere() methods:

->where('column', 'like', '%pattern%')


If you need to use multiple AND do like this:


If you want to use OR do this:


To combine multiple AND and OR do parameter grouping:

->where('name', '=', 'John')
->orWhere(function ($query) {
    $query->where('votes', '>', 100)
          ->where('title', '<>', 'Admin');
  • Can you do a not like as-well? In other words. not containing this phrase. I suppose something like ->where('title', '<>', '%Admin%') might work – morne Sep 20 '16 at 13:32
  • Sure, I've added it to the answer. You should use not like operator for this. For example, ->where('title', 'not like', '%Admin%') – Alexey Mezenin Sep 20 '16 at 13:43

Hi Please find the reference for where condition both with 'or' and 'and'

Table stocks

enter image description here

$stocks = DB::table('stocks')
            ->where('name', 'like', '%' . $name . '%')
            ->orWhere('company_name', 'like', '%' . $name . '%')
            ->where('exchange_id', '=', $type)
$results = json_decode($stocks, true);
$matchThese = ['title' => post('title'), 'slug' => post('slug')];
return Blog::where($matchThese)->get();
  • Hi Andre, and welcome to SO! This could be a pretty great answer. Can you elaborate on some of the syntax so if the OP does return to review your suggestion the answer is clear to them from the start? – gravity Jul 18 '19 at 13:32
  • The eloquent get() would return a JSON compatable array. Blog is the Model class, the where() search through an associative array that contains the search query for the WHERE clause – Andino Inyang Jul 18 '19 at 13:43

In this scenario Parameter Grouping Should be pretty much useful to use combination of multiple AND & OR. Here are some demo examples of how it can be implemented.

if ($request->search) {
     $users = User::where('type', '=',  'Customer')
        ->where(function ($query) use ($request) {
            $query->where('name', "like", "%" . $request->search . "%");
            $query->orWhere('mobile', "like", "%" . $request->search . "%");

It depicts:

select * from users where type = 'Customer' and ([name as searched] or [mobile as searched])

Now there is another example which is:

            ->where('name', '=', 'Rohan')
            ->orWhere(function ($query) {
                $query->where('votes', '>', 100)
                      ->where('title', '<>', 'Admin');

It depicts:

select * from users where name = 'Rohan' or (votes > 100 and title <> 'Admin')

I hope with the help of these you can solve the issue.

public function searchData(Request $request)
  return Phonebook::where('name', 'like', '%'.$request->SearchQuery.'%')->orWhere('email', 'like', '%'.$request->SearchQuery.'%')->orWhere('phone', 'like', '%'.$request->SearchQuery.'%')->get();

Here I have Searched the name, email and phone number from Phonebook Model using where, orwhere and like

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