I am using Wordpress. I have a page called services and I want any string or hierarchy url comes after services just opens the same page and also the url stays the same.

For example:


goes to:


But the url stays the same.

Here is my htaccess:

RedirectMatch ^services(/.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}/services/ [L,R=301]

Is there any way that I can achieve this?

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    You will have to use WP's rewrite API instead of mod_rewrite rules. – anubhava Sep 20 '16 at 14:20

Thanks to @anubhava

A little study about WP Rewrite API find out the solution.

1) I have created a custom rewrite url and placed it into my functions.php

function services_rewrite_basic() {
  add_rewrite_rule('^services/.*', 'index.php?page_id=110&level=$matches[1]&level=$matches[1]&level=$matches[1]', 'top');
add_action('init', 'services_rewrite_basic');

2) And finally just saved permlink page without any changes and it bloody does the trick.

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