Can anyone help me with a join query for tables with jsonb fields?

If I have two tables and each has a jsonb column value and I need to run some join queries.

Let's say value field in each table has rows similar to this


      "name": "foo"


    "account-id": "c3ff14f9-b9ce-4daf-930b-3500e0efbdc9",
    "amount": 31415926

You can see that data in tables is associated via "account-id" property. Now I need to find all accounts that have corresponding balance > 0.


Something like the following should do it:

FROM accounts JOIN "account-balances"
              ON accounts.value->'account-id'="account-balances".value->'account-id'
WHERE ("account-balances".value->>'amount')::integer>0;

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