Been trying to set-up Gitlab CI which can build a docker image, and came across that DinD was enabled initially only for separate runners and Blog Post suggest it would be enabled soon for shared runners,

Running DinD requires enabling privileged mode in runners, which is set as a flag while registering runner, but couldn't find an equivalent mechanism for Shared Runners


The shared runners are now capable of building Docker images. Here is the job that you can use:

  - build
  - test
  - deploy

# ...
# other jobs here
# ...

  stage: deploy
  image: docker:1.11
    - docker:dind
    - docker version
    - docker build -t $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:latest .
    # push only for tags
    - "[[ -z $CI_BUILD_TAG ]] && exit 0"
    - docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_BUILD_TOKEN $CI_REGISTRY
    - docker push $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:$CI_BUILD_TAG

This job assumes that you are using the Container Registry provided by Gitlab. It pushes the images only when the build commit is tagged with a version number.

  • Documentation for Predefined variables.

  • Note that you will need to cache or generate as temporary artifacts of any dependencies for your service which are not committed in the repository. This is supposed to be done in other jobs. e.g. node_modules are not generally contained in the repository and must be cached from the build/test stage.

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  • "shared runners are now capable of building Docker images" - I assume you mean the ones on GitLab.com? How do you setup secure shared GitLab Runner setup for Docker Build? See also gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/31379 – bbodenmiller Apr 25 '17 at 9:28
  • I also had to set DOCKER_HOST job variable to tcp://docker:2375 with a config like this. Other things work perfect! – madhead Jul 2 '18 at 23:43
  • Correction: if you are using image other then docker for the job itself (job.image and not the job.services.<docker>.image) and that image uses Docker service (my case was Java Docker API trying to talk to Docker) then you have to set DOCKER_HOST job variable to tcp://docker:2375 with a config like this, because this value is actually set in non-dind docker images for you. – madhead Jul 2 '18 at 23:50
  • 1
    services: - docker:dind part helped me to solve Cannot connect to the Docker daemon – vladkras Jan 20 '19 at 11:23

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